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We are pleased to present this very rare glimpse of various extraordinary places, events and people.  The clips are short for ease in downloading, but none the less if you don't have the luxury of a cable or other high speed internet connection... the download time and buffering may well be a source of frustration.  Our apologies, but at this stage there isn't much we can do about that... though I understand, having spent what seemed like an eternity uploading them to the web from here in Nepal.

For those with a fast connection, or others without but who do have the patience to wait for the download, we hope you enjoy these uncommon insights into the cultural vistas of the greater Himalayan region.

  ** At the moment, these video clips will only show up with the Microsoft Explorer web browser and with computers that have the Microsoft Windows Media Player installed.  I will try to expand compatibility to include other operating systems as soon as I am able.  The latest Media Player can be down loaded in versions compatible with all Windows Operating Systems as Well as Macintosh operating systems by clicking on this link: Windows Media Player for Various Operating Systems


The catalog of video clips:

1)  The Tamang Shamaness - Mailie Lama - Nepal

2)   Thami Shamans at Kalinchowk - Nepal

3)  Konyak Morang and Village Scenes - Nagaland

4) Angami Home - Nagaland

5)  Ao Time Pillar - Nagaland

6) A Colossal Log Drum - Nagaland

7)   Monpa People - Arunachal Pradesh

8) Monpa Cham Dance - Arunachal Pradesh

9) Garo Tribal Dance - Meghalaya

10) Apatani Villagers 1 - Arunachal Pradesh

11) Apatani Villagers 2 - Arunachal Pradesh

Coming Attractions here at Himalayan Mercantile's "Cinema Ethnographic":

11) Hill Miri Shamans - Arunachal Pradesh

12) Hill Miri Dancers - Arunachal Pradesh

13) Traditional Dancers of Manipur

14) Sema Naga Dancers - Nagaland

15) Konyak Villagers - Nagaland


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