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This is a rare intact antique Tibetan Nomad's belt set. The belt itself is leather, with iron panels that were once beautifully decorated koftgari style silver work. Now, though the patterns remain visible much of the silver has worn away. The belt comes with a set of hanging accoutrements, namely a fine old flint pouch and purse. The flint pouch and purse are leather, and the iron striker on the flint pouch also has nice foliate etching. The third hanging item is a cloth panel with large brass buckle. I'm not entirely sure what utilitarian purpose this played - and there must have been something, but often these are seen on belts and they seem to be as much for decorative purposes as anything else. It also seems to have been a later addition to the belt, as the style, and brass work are different then the flint pouch and purse which are very similar and have similar hardware to the belt itself.


ITEM NAME:   Nomad's Belt 
PRICE:   Email 
MATERIALS:   Metal, leather & cloth
AGE:   Circa 19th early to early  20th Century
SIZE:   Entire belt is 1" wide x 28" long

Flint Pouch: 6-1/2" wide x 4"

Money Pouch: 4-1/2" wide x 3-1/2" tall
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