This is an antique Tibetan Buddhist ga'u or reliquary box. Traditionally these are filled with some sacred objects, relics and the like, and then worn on a cord around the neck as a sort of religious talisman. They are typically ornate and make for attractive jewelry but they are in fact a mobile shrine, and one with protective properties.

This ga'u is all copper and has an open "window" on the front. This opening has beautiful hand-worked foliate etching in the classic Himalayan style. The box is empty now, but this window would have once revealed a painting of a Tibetan Buddhist god or lama, or perhaps a tsa-tsa, the earthen image that serves as an icon. Condition is very good and this box is an antique, from Tibet and is 80 - 100 years old. A person could fill it with their own sacred and empowered objects and wear it, or display it as is, for those whose tastes are more "collection" oriented rather than buying to use.

ITEM NAME:   Tibetan Gau
PRICE:   Email 
PEOPLE/REGION:   Tibet / Bhutan
AGE:   Circa 19th C.
SIZE:   3" wide   4" high

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