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A fantastic collection of Himalayan middle hills tribal heirloom jewelry consisting of :

1) a pair of dhungri - the large earrings with red glass stone in the center. These are gold of good purity gold (probably equal to 14 to 18 karat) worked in repousse on the front surface.

2) a pair of chepti - large disc earrings, with repousse design work. These are made of gold roughly equivalent to 14k modern gold, or something along those lines.

3) a bulaki - a nose ring that pierces the septum. The gold is of higher purity then with the chepti, and probably equates to 18 k gold and is set with glass "jewel stones".

Himalayan jewelry whether of the Tibetan related ethnic groups, or middle hills groups of various other castes and tribes, such as Tamang, Gurung and Rai can be quite spectacular, and always stunning. Typically large, the use of which can result in dramatically distended earlobes, Himalayan jewelry is a collector's niche that is relatively unexplored compared to some other tribal groups around the globe. Clearly there is some interesting material here, and we thought some of you might agree.


ITEM NAME:   Traditional Nepalese Jewelry
PRICE:   Email
STATUS:   Sold - Inquire for similar pieces.
MATERIALS:   Gold of varying purity, glass
AGE:   19th to early 20th c
SIZE:   Dhungri: 1-1/2" diam.

Chepti: 2-1/4" diam. x 7/8" width

Bulaki: 2-1/4" long


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