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The ornate torque known as "Hansuli" worn by Tharu women of Nepal's southern lowland plains and jungles.  This Hansuli is hollow with ornate design work. The Tharu are the majority ethnic group in the low land jungles of Southern Nepal.  They traditionally assert that they are Rajput people who moved to Nepal from Western India.  The Tharu people evolved an immunity to the malarial mosquitoes of  the Tarai area, and hence have a long history in an are that has proven uninhabitable for other peoples.

ITEM NAME:   Tharu "Hansuli" torque
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:    Southern Nepal
MATERIALS:   White Metal
SIZE:    8" diameter
Approx. 1/2" thickness
AGE:   Circa mid - early 20th c

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