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This is an antique Tibetan Buddhist ga'u or reliquary box. Traditionally these are filled with some sacred objects, relics and the like, and then worn on a cord around the neck as a sort of religious talisman. They are typically ornate and make for attractive jewelry but they are in fact a mobile shrine, and one with protective properties.

This ga'u is all copper and has a brass piece on the front center showing jewels in the typical iconographic style that symbolize the "precious jewels" of the Buddhist faith. The jewels are Buddha, dharma, sangha, lama, yidam and dakini.  This reliquary box pendant is in generally good condition but there are signs of age and use including some cracks on the back side in the upper right, which are visible in the detail photos. The inside is empty save for one remaining item which is a hand written and drawn, double sided paper that is probably some kind of astrological chart.

ITEM NAME:   Tibetan Gau
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Tibet / Bhutan
AGE:   Circa 19th C.
SIZE:   3" wide   4" high

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