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This item is from the Tibet / Nepal border zone in the area of Upper Dolpo. As most of Northern Nepal is, this is culturally an area that most in the west would categorize as "Tibetan". The people here speak a Tibetan dialect, practice Vajrayana Buddhism and typically lead a life that is characteristic of what we find all along the high Himalaya and Tibetan plateau. The blankets from this region are very distinctive in style and this is something that will appeal to those who really know their Himalayan culture. It is a hand loom blanket woven from high Himalayan sheep wool and it is surprisingly soft - as often wool is scratchy but not in this case. Its an outstanding piece of culture from the nomadic peoples, high above the tree line in the remote Himalaya and these remain very hard to come by. Any of you who have had the good fortune to see the movie, Himalaya, directed by Eric Valli will recognize these. If you haven't seen that film, check it out, it is outstanding. One of the top 3 films ever made on Himalayan / Tibetan culture. Highly valued by textile collectors, they are good as throws on beds and furniture, and have even been wall mounted where the vivid horizontal striped pattern and solid field accord a nice minimalist design effect.


ITEM NAME:   Dolpo Blanket
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Dolpo, Nepal
AGE:   Circa mid 20th C.
SIZE:   72 inches high
51 inches wide

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