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Here we have a beautiful old Bhutanese cheese cask. As is typical of these functional yet attractive items, this Bhutanese food cask is made of bamboo slats that make up the side surfaces, and wood planks make up the base and top. The bamboo was lacquered and has developed a beautiful patina and is in very good condition. The interior still smells very much like Himalayan Yak cheese. Of course as some of you know, the term "yak cheese" is a misnomer. Only the males of the species are called yaks. The female is called a "dri" - so when people say "yak cheese", they really mean "dri cheese".

Anyway, if you collect Himalayan ethnographic items, or have Tibetan antique furniture, items such as this are great for accessorizing with your Tibetan furniture. With this and a few other of our Himalayan items you can get a strong Tibetan ambiance going. These casks are great all purpose containers and look great on coffee tables, cabinets and any kind of furniture or decor with shelf space.


ITEM NAME:   Cane food container
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available


MATERIALS:    Cane and wood
AGE:    Early to mid 20th C.
SIZE:    18˝" long
4" front to back
5" tall

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