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Available here is a fine old, hand-carved burl wood bowl, with gorgeous grain. Nice older hand turned bowls like this are becoming increasingly rare, and of course more expensive too. Despite its age, this bowl is in great condition. This one is a fine old bowl with beautiful patina and is in very good condition. In Tibet and the Buddhist Himalaya, these burl wood bowls and cups are highly valued, and in fact have some very special, even magical, powers attributed to them. This one is from Bhutan, where the art of hand made wood items such as this is a prestigious craft that is considered one of the 13 crafts that are considered the pillars of Bhutanese culture. The traditional lore recounts that in order to find the right wood the master carver would go out on a moonless, dark night and enter the forest. If everything was in order, then by some supernatural means, the craftsmen would spot an effulgent light around the proper tree, and the next day he could dig there, harvesting some "dza" or burl wood for making the bowls and cups.

This bowl has a snuggly fitting lid and the interior is coated with a black lacquer. This is a finely crafted traditional antique bowl.


ITEM NAME:   Covered Burl wood Cup
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available


MATERIALS:    Burl wood
AGE:    Early to mid 20th C.
SIZE:    5" wide
3" high

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