This is a fine old wooden thumba thermos from Tibet.  Thumba is a drink made from fermented barley and served warm. It really hits the spot on cold Himalayan nights. If a person has the opportunity to visit the Himalayas, one thing they will quickly notice is how the thermos with hot beverages is never lacking, be it tea or as with this item thumba, the thermal container is an indispensable item.  And its not just in homes, but also when out working in the fields or pastures, or walking to pilgrimage sights or just out on a picnic. The Himalayan matriarch always seems to have a thermos at arms reach, and she is diligent in her generosity, constantly topping off everyone's cup - making sure no cup falls below half full.

Of course now days, there are modern press pot thermoses, and fancy ones with the 8 auspicious symbols, and so on. But, carrying a thermos is by no means a new phenomena. This item proves the point. The top has a hole in it where a small pipe, something like a giant bamboo straw was inserted.

This container is wooden with a lovely patina and has brass hardware as decorative embellishment.


ITEM NAME:   Tibetan Thermos
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available


MATERIALS:    Wood with brass
AGE:    Early 20th C.

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