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This is a beautiful antique vessel, used on ceremonial and ritually important occasions. It is brass and is from the Newar community in Nepal. Typically ewers like this are used during festivals to serve distilled spirits. It exhibits outstanding craftsmanship, with fine curves and the rich ornate touches for which the Newari craftsmen of the Kathmandu valley have enjoyed such renown over the past several centuries. The spout has a fluid, curvilinear shape - with a bird perched on the tip.

 There is a peacock cast into the top cap, which is removable and this further adds to the sense of regal charm the piece exudes. The peacock is an auspicious animal with divine qualities. Its beautiful plumage sets it apart, but there are also myths in the Hindu tradition that the peacock can eat poison with out suffering any ill effects. In fact, traditional folk knowledge suggests that the bird thrives on the poison transmuting it into the beautiful designs and hues that characterize its plumage. The bird is an alchemist in that sense - transforming the harmful into something positive, and hence it is often taken as a symbol of all things positive and auspicious.


ITEM NAME:   Newari Ewer
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available


AGE:    Early 20th C.
SIZE:    6-1/4" wide
13" tall

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