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This is a fantastic folk mask from the people who inhabit the low land jungles and plains of southern Nepal. The mask is beautifully carved and has great depth. A wonderful patina has evolved on the surface of the piece. There are visible traces of paint, including a Vaishnav tilak or devotional mark on the forehead and bridge of the nose.

Please be sure to view the detail shots, as seeing the profile is an important part of appreciating this mask. It represents Hanuman or one of his army of monkeys. This mask would have been used in a play / ritual / dance depicting the escapades of the characters in the Hindu Epic the Ramayana.

Hanuman is the most loyal devotee of Ram, the avatar or incarnation of God Vishnu in human form. Hanuman is a simian divinity who embodies courage, loyalty and integrity. He is very popular where ever Hinduism or its cultural influence is found - as far east as Thailand and naturally in the heartland of Hinduism in the sub-continent of which Nepal is a part. The Ramayana is a great story of epic scope and it has a cast of characters that includes gods, demons, armies of bears, monkeys and other fantastic creatures. Needless to say, these provide ample material for mask makers to fulfill their creative impulses. The masked performances provide an important spiritual diversion for the villagers and remain a popular aspect of community life up to the present.

ITEM NAME:   Southern Nepal Mask
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STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:    Southern Nepal


Wood, polychrome


1st half of 20th C.


8" wide
12" high

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