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This mask features a very interesting character from a cham dance in the Eastern Himalaya.  Across the Himalaya, the Buddhist cham dances are always punctuated by light hearted comedic interludes to provide a break from the more serious tantric  ritual of the main dance.  At times like this the costumed lamas or monks will wear a funny or sometimes scary mask and engage in various mischief either with other character or audience members themselves.  This mask is from such a context and portrays a unique character who might be intended to represent a bespeckled Chinese official.

The mask is painted but has developed wonderful evidence of usage and patina. The piece is expertly carved and has no structural flaws to speak of.  A unique piece for the savvy collector.

ITEM NAME:   Vajrayana Buddhist Mask
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Nepal / Tibet border zone


Wood with polychrome


Circa early 20th c


8" wide
8" high

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