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This is an exceedingly rare face and body mask combination coming from the Hindu groups on the Indo-Nepal border. The face is a quintessential example of the Southern Nepal Kali mask.  The thing that makes this offering so exceptional though is the fact that it is a mask set that has a torso mask as well.  The body mask exhibits the classical iconography of the goddess with bare breasts and necklace of severed heads.

Here, as would be expected from the iconographic parameters for Kali... the mask set has a dark complexion with a gape jawed, leering grin, and hyper-extended tongue. Condition is generally good with expected signs of age and wear, the body mask has a couple of large cracks in the wood, but none the less the piece is not particularly fragile.

In the Tarai region that sprawls across the edge of the North Indian plains and Southern Nepal there occur rituals where masked dancers reenact the Hindu mythological epics, Kali is one of the most popular characters. Mask collectors and Kali devotees will find this very appealing because it is of course very uncommon to find a body and face set.

Kali is the form of the great Mother Goddess which is simultaneously nurturing and wrathful, repugnant and enticing, terrifying and protective. She wants the best for her devotees. She can propel the devout to the extreme heights of bliss and enlightenment and along the way she will mercilessly crush anything or anyone who gets in the way - utterly annihilating obstacles to enlightenment.


ITEM NAME:   Southern Nepal Goddess Kali Face & Body Mask
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:    Southern Nepal




Early  20th C. or before


10" wide
15" high

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