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An antique mask with classic Vajrayana styling, featuring a Dharmapala or protector of the Buddhist faith. Condition is excellent with a remarkable deep ruddy patina, and carving that remains crisp and detailed. Remnants of polychrome coloring remain.

At certain points in the yearly festival cycle, which is in accord with the lunar calendar, monasteries sponsor dramatic events known as "cham" where monks don masks and elaborate costumes and perform carefully choreographed tantric dances accompanied by traditional Tibetan style monastic musical scores.  These cham dances are important cultural and social events when pilgrims come to their local monastery to watch, pay homage to the local lamas, and not least meet friends and engage in various kinds of merry making.


ITEM NAME:   Vajrayana Buddhist Mask
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:    Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Tibet / Bhutan


Wood with polychrome remnants


Circa 19th to turn of the 20th C.


8" wide
13" high

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