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A fantastic protector or Dharmapala mask from Rasuwa in the high Himalayan areas of Nepal, bordering Tibet. This is the likeness of a wrathful deity, who holds a vow to protect the Buddhist dharma and its adherents.  Masks like these are worn by village lamas during "cham" dances.  Cham dances, featuring monks and lamas dressed in brocade and other resplendent robes, wearing masks such as this enact a masked dance with ancient tantric choreography at various auspicious dates in the lunar calendar throughout the year.  The mask has wonderfully worn, rounded edges and lovely patina. Very good condition overall.

ITEM NAME:   Vajrayana Buddhist Dharmapala (protector) Mask
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:    Nepal - Tibetan border lands
Tamang / Sherpa people


Wood & polychrome remnants


Circa early 20th c


9" wide
14" high

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