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This classical Vajrayana mask is a  fantastic likeness of Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche. This wooden mask is from Bhutan.  It was created with meticulous adherence to traditional Buddhist iconography, and is quite clearly the work of a master craftsmen.

Often referred to as the "Second Buddha", Padmasambhava is probably the most important religious personality in Tibet and the greater Himalaya.  This is because until the great Guru's arrival, Buddhism had been struggling to gain a foot hold in Tibet. The Tibetan King, Trisong Detsen - a Buddhist sympathizer, invited Padmasambhava to Tibet where he was instrumental in firmly establishing the Buddha Dharma.  Guru Rinpoche was a Siddha (realized adept) of unparallel stature, and traveled all over Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and areas now within the modern boundaries of India converting not only people, but perhaps more importantly various local deities as well.   Guru Rinpoche established the remarkable tradition of "terma" or hidden spiritual treasures.  He and a number of his close disciples, especially his principal consort, Yeshe Tsogyal, hid various teachings and relics throughout the Himalaya, which were, and indeed continue to be found by pre-destined people (mostly the reincarnations of the Guru's core group of original Tibetan disciples), who then, ideally at least, re-introduce practices or teachings that had been hidden with the intent of being revealed in a specific future time for the benefit of sentient beings.  Quite remarkable indeed, and only one aspect of Padmasambhava's important legacy.

ITEM NAME:   Vajrayana Buddhist - Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche)
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PEOPLE/REGION:    Tibet / Bhutan


Wood & polychrome


Circa early 19th c or before


8" wide
17" high

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