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This is a nice Himalayan middle hills mask from a village in Nepal's strife torn mid-west. The thing about this mask is that it is genuine, it has good age, and finally and perhaps most importantly - its affordable.

This is a nice old mask with ingenious corn silk moustache. It has a good patina, indicative of use, age, and genuine cultural context. Condition is quite good indeed, with only a bit of minor loss to the lip, and this is only visible from the back side of the mask, as the corn fiber facial hair covers the area on the front.

Nepal's middle hills: This area, referred to as the "Middle Hills" - is a region that spans the breadth of Nepal and refers to the heart of the country nestled between the low land jungles of the Terai in the South and the snow capped mountains in the north, bordering Tibet. This mask originated in Western Nepal, and was used in the context of the distinctive shamano-tantric blend of religion that pervades the Nepalese Himalayas.



ITEM NAME:   Himalayan Mask
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:    Nepal mid-western middle hills


Wood, corn fiber


circa mid 20th c


7" wide
8-" tall

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