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This is a very old metal mask from the Newar people of the Kathmandu Valley.  Among the Newar we find both Hindu and Buddhists - both with ancient and highly esoteric tantric traditions.  The Newari people are also well known for having an incredible number of religious festivals during the course of the year.  I'd go so far as to venture a guess that there may be no other community in the world with so many religious holidays. Its truly incredible.  Naturally masks play an important role in a good number of these events, and this old mask is a product of the Newar tantric dance tradition.

This particular character is possibly "Lakhey" - the demon who became a member of the Goddess Durga's retinue. However, if so, it lacks the exaggerated canine teeth we expect to see in a Lakhey mask.  It may well be "Bakhu" the rakshasa - another demon character from the dances, but here again it is impossible to say with certainty - though the iconography makes it a likely candidate.

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Circa 19th c


 8 inches wide
 8-1/2 inches high

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