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For your consideration... Classic Naga wood plates circa early 20th c. This style of bowl is sometimes overlooked in terms of its central role in Naga material culture. In fact when a sort of pan-Naga identity (vs. local tribal or village identity) first began to gain momentum in the form of Naga independence movement led by Jadonang in the 1920's he said that the religious movement cum independence struggle he and later his sister Gaidiliu led, would unite "all those who ate from the wooden plate". This is interesting because though he was defining "Naga-ness", it was not the usual things we think of as the cornerstones or emblems of Naga culture and identity - such as head hunting, long houses, mithuns, hornbills, etc. - it was instead the wooden plate, and there is a lot to that, and its certainly worthy of note.

The bowls are sculpturally powerful, and seem somehow monumental with their sweeping lines... to my eye these bowls somehow manage to combine the primitive and the elegant into a comfortable union. Much of the best tribal art does just that. The condition of these bowls is good with expected signs of age and use. They have a nice patina, and there is a bit of loss in the form of a chip from the edge of one of the bowl - this is shown in one of the detail photos below.


ITEM NAME:   Naga Wood Plates
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PEOPLE/REGION:   Naga - North east India / Western Burma




Circa early  20th C.


Naga Wood Bowl 1 :
9" high x 10" diameter

Wood Bowl 2:
7" high x 10" diameter

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