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A classic Naga head hunter status medallion, in a style favored by Konyak and contiguous tribal groups. These brass heads are fashioned from box tops originating in Assam or Bengal and coming into the Naga realm via Manipur. Hence they are often referred to has "Manipur Medallions". I suppose it goes without mentioning that wearing such necklaces was the privilege of those who had participated in successful head taking raids.

See similar material in Jacobs' book, The Naga, on page 254, and the Vigorelli / Somare Naga book on page 60.

ITEM NAME:   Naga Headhunter status Necklace
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Konyak Naga - North east India/Western Burma


Beads,  Brass


Circa early 20th C.


26" bead necklace with 3" x 3.5" medallion

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