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Featured here is an exemplary specimen of the genre of authentic old head wear from the Naga tribes that villages that are still deep "in the bush" so to speak.  Beginning collectors tend to gravitate towards the bright red colored hats of the Konyak, Kalyo-Kengyu, Chang and etc.  Indeed those are nice and can occasionally be quite spectacular.  But often they are just festival attire and not the most accurate example of what the most traditional and culturally pristine Nagas wore or indeed sometimes still wear. On the other hand, seasoned collectors recognize that some of the oldest and culturally quintessential hats are the darker, often smallish and skin or feathered covered pieces from villages deep in the Naga interior that have seen the least contact.  As someone who visits the Naga areas frequently I consider these kinds of hats fundamental and the most deeply indicative of "roots" Naga culture.  Now these are not to be confused with the superficially similar hats with (unfortunately) fresh pelts that seem to be popping up with disturbing frequency in Myanmar and Thai bazaars.  Caveat emptor... don't be dazzled by fresh pelts and drawn into buying a modern poaching trophy with no real cultural context or indigenous use.



ITEM NAME:   Naga Hat
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Naga, N.E. India


Woven cane with wild animal skin, boars tusks and various feathers


Circa early  20th C.


Each bracelet is approx. 5" long


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