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A nice example of the Naga head hunter's cap, woven of rattan strips, and embellished with bear skin and boar tusks, with a dyed goat hair tuft coming out the top. This is a classic Naga design, worn by Naga men especially on ceremonial occasions. This would be a fine addition to anyone's ethnographic collection - especially if you collect head hunter regalia.

It has a tail on it made out of some kind of hair… could be human, but I’m just not sure… it’s a bit odd in texture.  It was apparently suspended from a cane stick above the whole hat at one point.  However it is now how I collected it, folded over (which broke the cane stick) so that the hair hangs down like a pony tail so to speak. That’s how the Naga fellow had it stored, so it is just taken from the field.

ITEM NAME:   Naga Hat
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Konyak Naga


Cane, orchid stem, hair, boar tusk and feather


Circa  early 20th C.


Approx. 10" high not including feather

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