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This is a seminal classic. Without question essential reading for anyone interested in Shamanism and Himalayan Shamanism in particular. The author, Casper Miller, better known to most as "Father Miller", is a Jesuit priest, who hails from Ohio, but is now and has been for 30 years, a Nepali citizen.

Now, while missionaries have been one of the single most destructive forces to tribal and indiginous cultures the world over, don't expect this to be the tiresome observations of a bible thumping evangelist. Far from it, Father Miller is instead a thoughtful and sensitive observer of Nepalese culture, whose writing clearly reveals the author as a person who genuinely understands the culture of Nepal. He also clearly likes and is fascinated by Nepal's vibrant shamanic culture, and understandably so.

Here is an excerpt from the back cover of the book:

Faith Healers in the Himalaya is a classic anthropological study of the shamans of Nepal. With the introduction of western medicine and so-called modern amenities, this is a fascinating account of a traditional way of life that is slowly disappearing in the Himalayan Kingdom.

Spirit Possession, magic, witchcraft, and occult healing ceremonies are still daily realities in the villages of Nepal. Who are the people who deal with these realities on behalf of the afflicted members of the community? This absorbing in-depth study reveals the amazing secrets of tradtional Himalayan shamans (known locally as Jhankris) and their clients in a remote mountainous region of Nepal.


ITEM NAME:   Faith Healers in the Himalaya
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Author :

Casper J. Miller


New (this book is new but like many obscure titles from India and Nepal, they often come from the publisher with a paper jacket showing minor bumps and abrasions). itself is fine.)

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 278 pages with numerous iB/W photos. Soft Cover

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