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This friends, is just a fine piece of scholarship. I have nothing but praise for this book by the Italian scholar Riboli. The Chepang were up until the current generation a group wandering hunter gatherers. Often described as "forest dwelling tribals" the Chepang along with the Raute are probably Nepal's least documented and understood peoples. This is probably the only complete treatise on any aspect of Chepang culture, and lucky for us... it focuses on the fascinating world of Chepang Shamanism. Chepang shaman, known in the Chepang language as Tunsuriban, are revered as powerful sorcerers and healers even by people outside the Chepang ethnic group.

This book is an in-depth study, that while being scholarly remains imminently readable - something for which the author and translator must be commended. The book is the product of 10 years of research, and we are told, draws upon field work undertaken with over 30 Chepang shamans.

We strongly recommend this work to anyone interested in Shamanism and Himalayan shamanism in particular. Includes 14 black and white photos, a helpful glossary and comprehensive bibliography.

ITEM NAME:   Tunsuriban - Shamanism in the Chepang of Southern & Central Nepal
PRICE:   $36.00 
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Author :

Diana Riboli


New (this book is new but like many obscure titles from India and Nepal, they occasionally come from the publisher with a paper jacket showing minor bumps and abrasions). Book itself is fine.)

Pages / Binding:   

 257 pages with numerous iB/W photos. Soft Cover

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