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This is a unique collection of items that were owned by a sadhu or wandering mendicant. Sadhus are a sort of Hindu monk, they shun secular life for a life of austerity and focus on liberation from cyclic existence by cultivating divine consciousness. They often have a very striking appearance with extremely long matted hair (they were doing dread locks literally thousands of years before anyone had ever heard of Rastafarians), and they often cover themselves with ashes from funeral pyres signifying that they are "dead" to worldly concerns. They typically go door to door for alms and use the kamandal - here the brass pot, for containing offerings or rice or money that people donate, or carrying water, etc. The long scoop shaped object is used to ritually pour water as an oblation. There are prayers that accompany such activities, and while they can take place anywhere... often it will be while standing waist deep in a sacred river such as the Ganges. Water will be taken up into the copper scoop and then ritually offered in a pouring motion along with mantras. The general shape of the water offering vessel is associated with the shape of the "yoni" or female genitalia... and there is an obvious correlation between water and fertility.

Wooden "chappels" or clogs. Traditionally sadhus would either be bear foot or wear wooden shoes like these. There is also a long standing tradition of offering ritual worship to the shoes of saints.

The chillum: this is a funnel shaped smoking pipe.

The Rudraksha Mala: The seeds of the rudraksha tree are sacred to followers of Lord Shiva. The rudraksha seeds are believed to have a vast array of beneficial properties - both mystical and mundane. This is a mala or necklace of 54 brass capped rudraksha beads.</p>

There is a small trisul (or trident) of the sort sadhus will either plant on the edge of their "dhuni" or sacred fire, or they will carry it on pilgirimage often leaving it at the pilgrimage spot where there are typically vast quantities of other trisuls that have been offered by devotees.




ITEM NAME:   Sadhu's kit: Brass Kamandal (pot), trisul (trident), chillum (pipe), water oblation vessel, rudraksha mala (prayer beads), wooden chapal (shoes).
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PEOPLE/REGION:   India / Nepal


Wood, brass, copper, iron and rudraksha seeds


early 20th C.



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