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Here is a more uncommon form of West Nepal primitive metal sculpture.  It is a small votive model in the form of a temple that serves as a lamp for light offering as well.  These are found in myriad forms but it is true that there are several common styles that we find again and again. The purpose of these metal figures also varies - they may be votive or funerary.  One can typically get some idea of the specific application of a given sculpture by its particular form.

The form of this particular example is unusual and shows a yogi / oracle seated inside a temple structure.  As is common in the far West of Nepal, the temple is crowned with the trident symbol common to shamanism  and Hinduism.  On either side of the shrine opening are shallow receptacles for lamp oil.  Be sure and view the detail photos as the figure seated inside is not easy to discern in the shot above.



ITEM NAME:   Primitive metal votive lamp
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Far west Nepal




circa 20th c


9" X 5" tall

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