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On auction is a Tantric Buddhist "pecha" or scripture book. It is composed of two gorgeous hand carved wood covers, the top being carved with mantras (mystical invocations) and lotus motif, the bottom board is unembellished. The hand made sutra pages are double sided, hand written in Tibetan script.  This is one of the nicest examples of the High Himalayan Buddhist scripture boards you will ever find.  This is from Nyingmapa Tamang lamas in the high himalayan villages on the Nepal side of the Tibet/Nepal border.  The style is of course a little provincial when compared to some of the very delicately carved and painted pieces from the big Tibetan monastic centers.  Those are fantastic of course, but in my opinion these village style carved covers have more character and the beautiful patina that has evolved is truly amazing on this piece.  Condition is good except the wear from handling.  There is no insect damage to boards.  The sutra pages do show a bit of insect damage here and there, and some pages are missing it seems.

ITEM NAME:   Tibetan pecha (book) covers & sutra leaves
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available


Wood  with handmade paper, ink


18th c. or before


25" long
4¾" high

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