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This is a spectacularly rare form of West Nepal ancestor/ guardian figure.  From the front it appears to be a more or less typical Nepalese primitive wood figure, with the crouching posture and hands together in the gesture of reverential greeting.  However, a side view reveals that this is a very rare form of West Nepal wood figure, indeed.  It is carved into a Janu-form figure.  The figure has nice form with sweeping arcs and curves comprising the arms and legs and a nicely proportioned face where the facial features accent a smooth plane of a facial surface.

This Janus form, though common in tribal art forms around the globe, is not often found amongst the wood figures of Nepal's far west.  Connoisseurs of Nepal's animist and animist influenced art forms will no doubt find this piece an exciting prospect.



ITEM NAME:   Primitive wood figure
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Far West Nepal


Wood, with encrustation


early  20th c


5 inches wide
27 inches high

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