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A small votive sculpture from Nepal's far west.  These are found in myriad forms but it is true that there are several forms that we find again and again. The purpose of these metal figures also varies - they may be votive, tribute or funerary or propitiative.  One can typically get some idea of the particular application of a given figure by its particular form.

The small figures like this are votive and are commissioned by devout people for placement at temples or shrines.  Usually they a votive in the sense of being crafted as a token of thanks to the prayers answered by the deity.  Conversely this form might also be donated to a shrine as an act of propitiation, in hopes of currying the deities favor.


ITEM NAME:   Primitive metal figure
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STATUS:   sold
PEOPLE/REGION:   Far west Nepal




20th C.


3˝" high

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