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Featured here is an extraordinary old, weathered wooden guardian figure from the Jajarkot area of West Nepal, with multi-figure form.  It has two riders, one detachable on an extremely worn equestrian figure. This form is found only infrequently and is a sought after style by collectors of Himalayan primitive figures.

 Such guardian figures were made as tributary offerings on occasion and more commonly as a form of protector - the form of which often gave an indication of its purpose. These sorts of figures placed at shamanic shrines, springs, bridges and cross roads where they assumed the duty of fending off malevolent entities and other dangers, which tend to congregate in such areas.  Condition is very worn - the horse head is eroded completely away.  Also note that the photos were taken in Nepal, and apparently somewhere along the lines of the journey to the US, some one in customs must have felt the red cloth used to keep the figures secure wasn't necessary.  Of course it was just a shred of cotton in the first place and not an important component of the figures.  None the less we have to mention that the figures will come with out the red binding cloth.


ITEM NAME:   Primitive wood figures on horse back
PRICE:   Email 
STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:   Far west Nepal




circa early 20th c


 11-1/2 inch long
18 inch high

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