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This is a great old figure, holding what appears to be one of the spirit bells offered at the shamanic shrines and Masta temples in the far west of Nepal.  We do find shaman and local lineage deities depicted holding such bells with some regularity. It also looks similar to the rifle wielding protective figures that we sometimes find in the area. Weapon toting figures with similar form are seen only relatively rarely and are meant usually described as "Pala" or guardian and will fend off misfortune in any form it may take.  The original intent and significance of a gun toting figure may actually be different... a bit more "ancestral" in character, but that is a long discussion based saved for another time.  Suffice to say that at other times such figures are also meant to be tribute figures of sorts, representing a real person who was killed in some martial endeavor.   The figure is old an exhibits pronounced erosion of the wood, but looks great and besides expected weathering it is in good condition.

ITEM NAME:   Primitive guardian / tribute figure
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STATUS:   Available
PEOPLE/REGION:    West Nepal




circa 1st half 20th c


27 inches high
11 inches wide

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